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Bi-Lingual Storybooks Captivate Young Minds & Improve Critical Skills


One of HTAC’s customized bi-lingual storybooks

Despite years of a massive effort by the Afghan government to make education more accessible to millions of Afghan children, literacy remains a critical problem. Approximately 50% of all boys and 80% of girls remain illiterate.

To address this problem, HTAC has supported standard school literacy efforts through its highly innovative and interactive program “Read Afghanistan.” This unique program has introduced a series of custom-designed illustrated storybooks written especially for children in our schools. The stories take place in present day Afghanistan, feature fictional children and their families that children can relate to, as well as other key characters, all woven into delightful tales that are a joy to read.

The books are written in both Dari and English (to support school bi-lingual instruction) and are made available in each school library where children can read or borrow them to take home and share with their families.

Our storybooks are also utilized in the classroom where teachers incorporate reading assignments as part of their lesson plans. As a result of these efforts, a high percentage of primary grade children (84.6%) have improved their reading skills. In addition to improving reading literacy, teachers and parents of children are using the important messages communicated in each story (i.e. being honest, taking personal responsibility for own actions, respect for others), to teach children about key life values that will serve them well as adults.

In addition to providing tens of thousands of Afghan children with reading enjoyment and learning, HTAC’s storybooks have been utilized beyond the borders of Afghanistan, from school reading and cultural exchange programs in New England to adult literacy programs for Afghan refugees settling in Australia.

Building Civil Society through Education

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